Jain couple to leave 3-yr-old daughter, Rs 100-cr property for monkhood

Jain couple to leave 3-yr-old daughter, Rs 100-cr property for monkhood

A pair of Jain Madhya Pradesh has decided to leave behind their three year old daughter and their property worth Rs 100 million to be provided (monks), the amazing community that is no stranger to acts of renunciation. Exit Rathore, 35, and his wife Anamika, 34, are expected to take Deeksha (the first stage of their initiation into monasticism) at Sudhamargi Jain Acharya Ramlal Maharaj Surat in Gujarat on 23 September.

His decision sent shockwaves through the hometown of Neemuch, about 400 kilometers northwest of the state capital, Bhopal, where their families are established in politics and business. The first question on the lips of the unbelieving inhabitants of Neemuch is: what about your daughter Ibhya? the care of my granddaughter, “said Anamika’s father, Ashok Chandaliya, former district chairman of Neemuch Bharatiya Janata Party.

He said that no one could convince the couple not to give up on the world. “We ignore their religious arguments and give in. We can not stop someone when religion calls,” Chandaliya said. Sumit’s father, Rajendra Singh Rathore, who owns a factory that makes bags for cement companies, also accepted the decision. “We were expecting this, but not so soon,” he said.

The decision of Sumit and Anamika was not really a surprise for his family, since they had declared their intention to be equipped Ibhya when only he was eight months, in preparation began to live séparément.Sumit announced his final decision to take deeksha in a rally of Acharya Ramlal in Surat on 22 August. The Acharya asked him to ask permission from Anamika. She gave her consent and expressed her desire to take deeksha as well. Their families went to Surat to dissuade them, but they failed.

Sumit and Anamika, who married four years ago, took a vow of silence until deeksha.Anamika was the first gold medalist in the Neemuch 8 class exams. He made his modi Engineering College, Laxmangarh (Sikar) in Rajasthan, and worked with Hindustan Zinc before the wedding. Graduated in import and export management from a school in London, where he stayed and worked for two years before returning to Neemuch to run the family business.

Sumit’s cousin Sandeep, who is close to him, said: “He had everything a man wanted.” The property is worth about Rs 100 crore, a loving woman and a girl.But he decided to give up everything. We are stunned. “Prakash Bhandari, an important member of the community at Neemuch Jain said everything he knew, the decision is unprecedented.” This is the first time a young couple takes Deeksha and leaving behind a daughter, “he added. Bhandari, secretary of Sadhumargi Jain Shravak Sangh.

Earlier this year, an incredible reputation for a Jain Gujarat teenager has made waves all over the country. Varshil Shah, 17, resigned the world and became a monk in June, just weeks after scoring an incredible 99.9 percentile in the 12 exams of Commerce of class. After initiation for his spiritual quest, the adult’s name changed to Suvirya Ratna Vijayji Maharaj.

The Jaina community, with a population estimated at less than 50 lakh in India, follows an austere lifestyle including vegetarianism and a large section knows the customs established thousands of years ago. The monks of Digambara Jain – who consider the sky their clothes – still disappear. The death of a 13-year-old Jain girl, Aradhana Samdariya, in October 2016, less than three days after she completed a 68-day fast under the tapasya ritual practiced by her community provoked debate across the country.

The death of Aradhana focuses on the tapasya ritual of the community. In the midst of the debates, many Jain leaders came to support their parents, saying they were harassed and the community was modeled. According to ancient Jain, the “tapasya” that Aradhana undertook was voluntary and the first of nine (nav-pad) steps to attain salvation, and it was not the same as the santhara ritual under which the elderly or infirm abstain from eating until his death.

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