Will ally with Congress, Left to take on BJP in Gujarat, says JD(U) Sharad faction

Will ally with Congress, Left to take on BJP in Gujarat, says JD(U) Sharad faction

The acting chairman of the rebel faction JD (T) Sharad Yadav said Chhotubhai Vasava Monday that his group was with Congress and other left-wing parties as they explore an attachment with Hardik Patel to take the BJP in the polls of the assembly Gujarat.

The sixth member of Gujarat, who has influence among the tribes in the Gujarat pieces, attacked the BJP, saying demonetization and GST were “destroyed” the economy.

He also said that the Sardar Sarovar dam opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday would not be very useful for the common man.

“We are allied with Congress and other parties like the one on the left and we will also try to have a connection with Hardik Patel,” he told a news conference.

Statewide surveys are scheduled for later this year. The Yadav faction said on Sunday the election of Bihar Minister Nitish Kumar as party chief and not appointed as interim chief Vasava.

Asked about Kumar’s position in the match, Vasava said he had left the organization.

Javed Raza, a leader of the Yadav faction, said he moved to the Electoral Commission to file a complaint at the party’s symbol and asked four weeks to submit the documentation to support his claim to have majority party support.

With a large majority of elected members and party leaders who support Kumar Yadav Challenge after their leadership, Vasava said that MPs and MPs have no role, and has insisted that their group has adequate support in the party .

Kumar and the leaders who supported him abstained from commenting on the events of yesterday.

They have already approached President Rajya Sabha to disqualify Yadav and another party, Deputy Ali Anwar, from his alleged anti-party activities.

Yadav was against Kumar after dropping the RJD and Congress and joined with the BJP in a matter of hours, saying that he could not lead a government in Bihar with the RJD in as leader and as Deputy Prime Minister Tejashwi Yadav not clean up the accusations of corruption.

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