Need to revisit policies on border development, says Kiren Rijiju

Need to revisit policies on border development, says Kiren Rijiju

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said on Monday that it was necessary to revise border management policies to ensure that border regions were integrated with the rest of the country.

Rijiju said the NDA government is committed to bringing prosperity to people living in border areas through development.

“We as a country need to review our border management policies and ensure that entire borders are as well developed as other regions,” he said after opening a conference on border management and maritime and coastal security organized by the India Foundation and FICCI.

The Minister of State in his country said that the nation begins with its border and not with its capital.

Rijiju also published a FICCI-PwC report on “Intelligent Border Management” which highlighted the threats and challenges facing various organizations in deploying an effective coastal security mechanism across the Indian coast.

According to a FICCI press release, the report indicates that the long coast of India poses a number of security problems, including the illegal landing of arms and explosives in remote coastal areas, infiltration / extrusion of anti-national elements, use of maritime and coastal islands for criminal activities, smuggling of consumer goods and intermediate goods by sea.

The absence of physical barriers along the coast and the presence of important offshore industrial and defense facilities also improve coastal vulnerability to illegal cross-border activities, the statement said.

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