Donkey in vehicle leaves cow vigilantes sheepish in Rajasthan

Donkey in vehicle leaves cow vigilantes sheepish in Rajasthan

A group of alleged vigilantes sued a vehicle suspected of smuggling cows, beat people, but, in their shame, found only a donkey.

Police filed a case over the Sunday night incident in the Barmer district and were looking for escape watchers.

Devichand Dhakha, an officer at the Sindhary police station, said a resident of the town of Sayla in the neighboring district of Jalore had lodged a complaint that his ass had been lost on 2 September.

After a search, the plaintiff Kantilal Bheel found the donkey at the bus stand in the village of Kaludi in the Sindhary region. Bheel told police he had loaded the donkey in his SUV with the help of his friends.

When Bheel and his friends began to go to their village, some people who were on the bus chased them and stopped the vehicle at a remote location near the village of Bhuka Bhagat Singh. They took Bheel and his friends out of the vehicle and beat them.

“The defendants suspected of smuggling cows, but when they found the donkey in the SUV, they escaped,” Bheel told police.

Dhakha said, “Based on the victim’s complaint, we filed the case and began the investigation.” Police filed the case under articles of the IPC and the SC / ST Act. Ramnivas Sunda, Deputy Gudamalani Circle Police Superintendent in Barmer, is investigating the case.

The victims were released from the local hospital after treatment.

In the name of saving cows, self-proclaimed cow protectors have unleashed violence in several parts of the country. This year in Rajasthan, Pehlu Khan was beaten by a crowd when he was carrying cows for his dairy farm; died after two days of the attack.

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