Alwar lynching: Fearing attack by gaurakshaks, Pehlu Khan’s pickup truck driver now ferries vegetables

Alwar lynching: Fearing attack by gaurakshaks, Pehlu Khan’s pickup truck driver now ferries vegetables

Arjun Kumar Yadav, who was driving the truck attacked by so-called wailers who killed milk producer Pehlu Khan in April, no longer has livestock. In contrast, the 23-year-old witness, also a key witness in the case, transports vegetables to villages outside Jaipur, resulting in a monthly loss of 10,000 rupees.

Members of the Yadav family in the town of Chomu near Jaipur said that the financial loss was a small cost to pay, as long as it did not jeopardize the life of their child.

On April 1, Pehlu Khan carried the cattle in the Yadav van and was surrounded by a crowd. HT reported last week how Rajasthan police, citing the lack of evidence, gave a clean chit to the six people named by Khan for the attack that had sparked national outrage.

Yadav, had managed to escape when Khan and other milk producers, Azmat and Rafique, were attacked. Since then, the collection has been confiscated at the Behror police station while Yadav has treated the wounds he sustained during the attack.

“I picked up the truck last month and had to pay Rs 1.5 lakh to repair the damage. Now I’m back to drive it,” said Yadav HT reticent to talk about the lynching incident.

The family said that since the attack, Yadav has not set foot in the weekly betel market where Khan had bought the cattle he was carrying in his native village Jaishinghpur in Nuh de Haryana.

“We have forbidden him to move cattle again, and now he is transferring vegetables to several villages near Jaipur, and we feared that, despite having allowed and all the necessary documents, what if he was again attacked by gaurakshaks?” Said Girdhari Lal , your uncle.

Lal said that this decision to stop the transport of livestock also represented a loss of at least 10,000 rupees.

“Arjun used to transport livestock in adjacent neighborhoods near Jaipur, like Nagaur, and made about 30,000 rupees. Now, when he brings vegetables, he only earns 20,000 rupees, which is good less, but at least he does not risk his life,” he said. said Lal.

At Rs 20,000 Yadav pays a monthly bank deposit of Rs 16,000 for the repayment of the RL 4.5 lakh loan he used to purchase the truck eight months before the attack.

“There is very little money that can save after paying the deposit, but our son’s life is more valuable than income, we will never let him take the cattle again,” said his uncle Lal.

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